Our Pipette Service Plans Include:

Prices are for Mail-in service on Single Channel Fixed and adjustable Volume Pipettes, please contact us for On-site pricing.

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Calibration Certificate

Plan A.......$20.00

Research Labs

  • Disassemble Pipette

  • Inspect and Clean Interior parts

  • Clean and polish Piston

  • Check Spring Tension

  • Replace seal and O-ring

  • Grease any necessary parts

  • Reassemble Pipette

  • Calibrate pipette to manufactures specifications at the high, middle, and low volume.

  • All Calibration Procedures performed by Pipette-Tek strictly follow ISO 8655 guidelines.

  • A Service Order is provided detailing Pipette type, serial number and service preformed for each pipette.

  • Each pipette receives a sticker with the date of service.

  • Six month warranty included

ISO 17025
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Plan B.......$25.00

Required for Clinical Labs, Forensic Labs and all other test result labs meeting ISO 17025,  CLIA, and CAP requirements.

  • Plan B includes all Items included in Plan A

  • An  "AS RETURNED" Calibration Certificate  to help your lab meet it's requirements( ISO, CLIA, CAP, GLP, FDA and many other standards). Please click on Calibration Certificate link for more details. 

  • Each Pipette receives a sticker( sticker meets ISO requirements) with the Service Date and next Service Due Date.( If no "Service Date Due" time frame is indicated by the lab a 6 month time frame will be used). If you need help choosing a time frame to meet lab standards please contact us for assistances.



Plan C.......$35.00

  • Plan C includes all Items in Plan B

  • An "AS FOUND" Calibration Certificate to help your lab meet GMP requirements.



All Calibration Procedures performed by Pipette-Tek strictly follow ISO 8655 guidelines.

Pipette-Tek is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited

         All Equipment used in Pipette-Tek Calibration procedures are NIST traceable.



         Pipette-Tek can customize a service Plan to meet your labs individual needs, Please contact us to provide you with a quote.

All prices above are for Mail-in service-Please call for On-Site Pricing.

Call to schedule an on-site visit today or print a Mail-In request form and mail your pipettes in for service.


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