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Company Overview

With our reliable Nationwide In-Lab and mail-in pipette calibration , pipette repair, and pipette certification services Pipette-Tek has been providing laboratory compliance and traceability throughout the United States since 1992. Pipette-Tek clients include: Universities, research laboratories, private companies, government facilities, clinical labs, forensic labs, and all other types of  Laboratories.

Quality of Service

Pipette-Tek is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited. Pipette-Tek calibration procedures strictly follow ISO 8655 guidelines and utilize the most comprehensive software in the industry, ensuring all services provided by Pipette-Tek meet the highest possible standards.

Service Plans

Pipette-Tek has several types of service plans to meet the specific needs of your laboratory. Plans B includes our calibration certificate that will assist your laboratory in meeting its compliance and traceability requirements under ASTM, CAP, CLIA, FDA, GLP, GMP, ISO9001, ISO17025, NCCLS, NIDA and those of most other organizations. If your laboratory does not require such detailed compliance reports Plan A provides the same high quality of calibration without certification at a lower cost.

Competitive Advantage

  Pipette-Tek offers on site ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited services nationwide at prices competitive to those of noncompliant companies in the industry.  Pipette-Tek also offers the advantage of next day mail-in service including weekends and holiday service to help reduce your laboratories down time due to equipment maintenance.

Company Mission

  Our Goal at Pipette-Tek is to provide unparallel quality Pipette calibration, repair and Validation service to the scientific community at affordable prices. We will continue to expand our Services and Industry partnerships to better serve our clients.

Types of Pipettes we Service

 Pipette-Tek services are available on all  brands and types of pipettes including single channel, multi-channel, electronic, and repeater/stepper pipettes. Brands include, but are not limited to Biohit, Brandtech (Transferpette), Brinkmann (Eppendorf), Corning, Denville, Eagle, Fisher, Gilson, Hach, Hamilton, Jencons, Labnet, Labsystems (Finnpipette, Titertek), MLA, Molecular Technologies, Matrix, Mettler, Microlit, Nichiryo, Oxford, Rainin, Ulster, VWR, Wheaton and many, many more.

Payment Types

We accept purchase order numbers, and credit cards for payment.

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